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Valletta Malta, no tourist traps – top 5 things to do

Ah, Malta. The country that started to stoke my passion for unexpected travel. I simply love exploring countries the local way and Malta is no exception. An old English guidebook once recommended Malta as the ‘jewel of the Mediterranean’, if Malta is the jewel, then Valletta is what makes it shine. Steeped in history and jam-packed with fun events for every intrepid traveller, no stay in Malta can be called complete without a quick visit to the Capital City. Even if you’re not a fan of museum-going, or a food fanatic, Valletta is the kind of tourist hub that just makes sense. Crisscrossed with narrow roads and hidden little side-streets, Valletta’s treasure-trove of discoveries leave nobody feeling like they’ve wasted a day.

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Finding the best Cafe in Kingston Upon Hull – Nibble

Now, now, we all know how much I love my coffee. I’ve started to transform into one of those creatures that simply cannot bear to have anyone talk to me before I’ve had my morning coffee. So, good luck to my friends and family. I bet they are itching for me to get myself together at the best cafe in Hull – this perfect establishment is called Nibble. 

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The top item for the travelling adventurer – OUTXE Rugged Power Bank

So, no wonder my phone bleeped wearily and went kaput just as I started my descent into the cave. I was utmostly cross, believe me. So, what could I do to ensure my phone stays alive and functioning? Sure, I could pack about five heavy duty powerbanks but I don’t want to carry them all. I like to travel light. Enter the OUTXE (Outdoor Extreme Energy) Power bank that will be utterly perfect for adventurers throughout the world.

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Olden Churches in Norway

Okay, did you enjoy the church photos of the Olden Churches in my last article on my Norwegian cruise series? Did you know there’s an Olden New Church and an Olden Old Church? So let’s find out about the interesting dwellings in Olden.

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