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Three Ways to Avoid Being Lonely When Travelling Solo

Many people love the idea of travelling to different places, but what happens if you don’t have anybody to go with you? Maybe you’re longing for a week away in a hot, sunny place, but none of your friends have got enough money to join you. Many people get a bit... read more

Handsome Travel Blogger at… the ABBA Museum Stockholm!

  Oh yes, it can’t get any more handsome if the handsome travel blogger is at the ABBA Museum at Stockholm! Based at Pop House, ABBA: The Museum is on the island of Djurgarden, slam-bang in the middle of the national city park in Stockholm. A focal meeting... read more

Copenhagen: A Free Walking Tour

Hey everyone, welcome back to Copenhagen! This is the second video of the Nordic Travel Blogging series and this time we are going by foot! Joining the New Copenhagen Tours, we hot foot around the city that only takes an hour to walk from end to end, yet we explore in... read more

Copenhagen: A First Look

Hey up, guys! It’s Copenhagen time! Introducing this as the first video of the Nordic travel blogging journeys, I start in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and really get to discover what the first thoughts of Copenhagen so far on my first day there. Using... read more

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Ed Rex

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Hello, I’m Ed and welcome to RexyEdventures.com!

Jacking in my corporate job in 2011, I went on a Round the World Trip and I had never stopped travelling since. From then, I started a travel blog, Rexy Edventures, that chronicles the  ‘Adventures of a Deaf and Handsome Luxury Backpacker Travelling the Unexpected.’

Find out more about me here: Ed Rex

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