Remember when I danced in the middle of Leicester for Diwali back in November and I was banging on about going on tasters to experience travel?

And my big taster was Bollywood Dancing!

Well, in the last month, my group were asked to do a performance at an Indian Wedding Party! We were so pleased and learnt a completely spanking brand new dance based on the bride’s favourite Bollywood Song – Chammak Challo.

All of us in the group are deaf and the group is run by Nehal Bhogaita in Leicester weekly on a Wednesday Nights and if you are deaf and reading this, I’d recommend you to join this. Not only you learn great dances but you have fun, meet new people and generally have a good old laugh!

We learnt it over 3 weeks and it was certainly intense as the moves were fast, quick and elaborate! We certainly had a whale of a time and there were no hitches in the dance at all. It was over before we knew it! I can’t really remember it now as it’s been a blur but I’m sure that the video that was recording us will make its way to us soon to which I will share…but meanwhile, enjoy the pictures of our dance!

start of the dance

bollywood dance

let’s get dancing!

Bollywood dance

Let’s dance together!

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance

Bollywood Dancing!

Bollywood Dance

The Group!

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