Flight of the Angel Staring down at the huge abyss in front of me, laid flat on my stomach suspended with only a harness to stop me hurling to a painful death, I simply squirmed in mild panic. I wasn’t thinking about the minuscule swaying trees in the valley below or for the fact I was going to be hurled across the valley at speeds of 120kph (70mph). I was working out in my mind how much I weighed in kilograms. A minute earlier, the Zipline guide asked me how much I weighed in kilograms and I was truly stumped. I knew I weighed at least 14 stone (hey, I’m a tall guy with a booty to rival Beyoncé’s) but trying to convert that into kilograms while hanging at 888m high was a tall order to ask. ‘Erm, 100 kilograms?’ I offered. His arched eyebrow suggested I was way heavier than i should be. ’90 kilograms?’ He simply shrugged and uttered in Italian to his counterpart across the valley. Wait. Does this account for my Zipline experience? A trip that would last more than 30 seconds? What if I said I was heavier than I was and I’ll come to a slow stop halfway through the valley, that meant I would have to pull myself across the valley. It’s happened to people before. But what about if it was the other way? Perhaps I’d be too light and I’ll hurl through faster the speed of sound and whilst setting off a sonic boom, I’d be unable to stop to end up as a pancake on the wall at the other side? Either way, I was thankful for my helmet. Arms arched back and legs strapped in, the guide counted down in Italian and I braced myself to see starlights streaking by even though it was daytime. Flight of the Angel Off I went with the whoops of the other travel bloggers behind me. Poised to scream my lungs out, I was surprised to see I went off quite slow. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad. The valley moved slowly in my vision and I gasped at the gignormic height below me. Then the Zipline dipped. I started moving faster…and faster…and faster. Now you know when your mouth drops open and you’re truly stunned? You cannot move because you are just so gobsmacked at the experience? That was pretty much for me. Goggling at the whizzing scenery below me, the wind hit me in the face and tears streamed out of my eyes. Then it all clicked. I was truly having the time of my life. Letting out a huge whoop as the zipline achieved maximum speed, I felt like an Usain Bolt angel darting across the world. Letting a hand loose as I dipped forward, I realised that I should have been wearing my Superman T-shirt. I am Superman. The roar of the zipline echoed in my ears, I was happily screaming with joy. This is the Flight of the Angel. Flight of the Angel Il Volo dell’angelo, or in the English translation – Flight of the Angel, is without a doubt a must experience activity if you find yourself in Basilicata. Let me tell you this, it’s truly the world’s fastest zip wire as you fly between two mountain peaks over a beautiful valley. With speeds of 120kph as it smacked into my face, you have the option to either fly one of both ziplines as it starts from Pietrapertosa to Castelmezzano. Of course, I flew both. I knew I wanted to go on the second leg as I hit the brakes that stopped me in mid-air. I was truly buzzing and my heart was singing out for more. But of course, I didn’t betray my girlish glee. I was a cool guy you know. I should be shrugging it off and saying ‘yeah, that was alright.’ So what did I do? I simply ran, banshee screaming with joy, at a slightly perplexed Neil of Backpacks and Bunkbeds and like an impatient child asked him when we can go on it again. You know what? I did. And it was better than ever. Check out Neil’s video here. The girlish screaming you hear? That’s me…

[youtube WY9zpgtfBdw]

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