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Rail and Sail with Stena Lines

‘Woooooooooooooow!’  I let myself whistle in appreciation, seeing the interior of the Superferry Stena Brittanica just as I embarked.  It was fancy, glitzy and professional. If anything, I felt like a royal coming on board. Totally different to what I was expecting. ...

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Let’s go Quad Biking in Australia!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will be familiar with my previous trip to Australia where I visited rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef and the Aussie outback.  See more: RexyEdventures in Australia This time I decided to kick it up a notch...

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Do you have your MOT and car care sorted for your road trip?

Do you like road trips in the UK? I certainly do, and I for one advocate this to get to the unexpected secrets of the UK. Lately, now that I’ve moved back up north in the UK, I’ve become dependent on my car to visit adventure and scenic spots in Yorkshire but also far...

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Ed Rex

Ed Rex

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Hello, I’m Ed and welcome to RexyEdventures.com!

Jacking in my corporate job in 2011, I went on a Round the World Trip and I had never stopped travelling since. From then, I started a travel blog, Rexy Edventures, that chronicles the  ‘Adventures of a Deaf and Handsome Luxury Backpacker Travelling the Unexpected.’

Find out more about me here: Ed Rex

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