So I stand in the maelstrom of people whirring around me in the electric mood of checked frustration.

Yes, I’m in Leicester Train Station. Fortunately, it’s not MY train that’s delayed as I’m going to Birmingham to meet fellow gappers…travellers…lazy layabouts…(I’ve not decided on a collective name)..over pintage tonight.

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Rather it’s the London train that’s delayed which happens to share the same platform as my train. It’s rather interesting to see each person’s reaction to the news it’s delayed..you can almost see their heckles rising and then it’s checked anyway by the infamous British stiff upper lip or unless you are the Italian kicking her luggage repeatedly..I don’t think nothing will get ‘pasta!’ eh eh!

However it’s not the anger I’m looking at in detail, it’s rather the fellowship that suddenly springs up. People come together to talk in detail ‘The DELAY!’ A granny is talking to a hooded youth, different nationalities come together, a mother shares a sandwich with a very hungry looking traveller etc. It all brings a nice warm feeling that in the dark stations of Britain that there will be other people to share your inconvenience!

You could almost say its Christmas spirit…wait…what was that? It’s MY train that’s now delayed. Damn. Now I need to find my fellowship…

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