Some of you who know me will know that for absolutely ages, I’ve been babbling on about travelling and taking the plunge to do a round the world trip… perhaps to the point you tell me to go to stop hearing about it!

Well, you will be pleased to know I went to annoy someone else! Namely STA Travel!

They were hosting an Australia night one evening and the tag line for this advertisement caught me…FREE BEER! Okay, really it’s all about the travelling but the free beer helps.

So as I wandered up down belvoir street (pronounced beaver street…don’t ask me why) to their Leicester branch, the amazing super girl aka Hannah who I’ve been pestering about deals threw open the door with one of her trademark grins and thrust towards me the quiz for the evening and excitedly, a free pen! Now you cannot have enough pens! She also threw me a Carlsberg can for Australia night…wait wait wait..carlsberg? Surely Fosters would be more ideal with the theme? Haven’t they seen the TV adverts where the Aussies give advice to fellow pommies over a nice cold Fosters? I looked over again at the beer stash and was aghast at the piles of Carlsberg! Serving Carlsberg on an Australia night instead of fosters? Criminal!

In my brief despair, Hannah quickly threw another trademark grin and everything was right with the world. I found my way to my seat and exchanged pleasantries with fellow enthusiastic Aussie wannabes… actually competitors.. time to get this quiz done! Gateway to great barrier reef – Cairns
How many states on Australia…counted 6 in my head so wrote that down.

Then dum dum duuuuuuum! The presentation was starting first kicking off with the STA Travel team and their experiences in Australia and then as I suspected.. representatives from Australian tour companies. I don’t have a problem with the reps as it’s good to see what they have to offer and actually, they were good! But would they sometimes mask the true Australia as they are giving their own version particularly about partying and drinking most of the time? This worried me…until I got chucked another beer. Sold!

Here are the tour companies being represented:

Awesome Australia

“Kiwi Experience



I couldn’t wait for the last presentation to be finished, not that it was bad…I needed a piss after sinking three cans. And voila, it was finished. I rose up but aw no, the quiz!

The answers were read out and I was outraged to find out that it was actually 6 states not 8 as the guide suggested and he’s from Australia! If I followed my instincts then I would have got 7 out of 10… yes, yes, I need to swot up more… but the couple who worked together got 7 and they won a lonely planet guide to Australia…it should have been mine!!!

Despite the brief quiz, I suddenly remembered I needed a wee and was directed to the staff toilets. Deals were plastered all over the walls and started making me think maybe I should be a ‘cool’ travel agent in the end. 10% off there and there. Hannah’s got a sweet deal. And with that grin, she’ll be conquering the world!

Afterwards, went to the local pub and looked at the information given to me to which the barmaid asked what I wanted.. ‘Pint of Lager, please.’

Pouring through the travel insurance I saw the sweet golden nectar set before me and I asked which lager it was as she told me the price…

‘Fosters, mate’

And I grinned.

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