So I’d like to take a minute to big up this site,, and tell you how amazing it is.


If you are wanting to travel but you are unsure about going it alone…have no fear… is here (hey it rhymed).

I was in a similar predicament and as much as I wanted to see the world, I was paralysed with fear that I wouldn’t meet anyone and most of all be LONELY.

So I kept putting it off and now I’m 26 and still not travelled…what to do? Well, I’m still going it alone but with no fear at all, thanks to Gapyear.

A year ago, I was searching on google and found despite me thinking it was more catered to school or university leavers. I was 25 and I was positively ancient compared to those.

But to my surprise, it was all varied with seasoned, new and current travellers…gappers or lazybums (still haven’t found the right feel for a collective term yet) and I found myself talking to them on a daily basis whether it was through their message boards, Facebook offshoots or general emails.

This was actually a community on top of the reams of relevant info online.

I could be in contact with anyone looking to make similar plans or even just meet up for the day should you be in Australia, Vietnam or even in the UK…and I have precisely just done that.

Thanks to the awesomeness duo known as Macca and Gapyear Andy, they organised a meet up in Birmingham for like-minded gappers to share stories, make new friends and bond over beer..the latter was prevalent!

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It wasn’t until when we were loon dancing in the O2 academy (after being zealously frisked by security) that all of us realised what a great bunch we were. Each of us was so different but all of us had travelling in common. That brought us together…and beer did that as well!

After we exhausted ourselves dancing even Emma was jumping up and down screaming that this song is her favourite we still carried on dancing. Back to the hostel we must go!

So as I climbed into bed with beer in my veins, I reflected on the people I was with and realised I had no qualms about travelling on my own if I was gonna meet amazing people like them.

Meanwhile, I could hear a loud ‘knock knock’ persisting into the night but it turned out in the morning that Gapyear Andy had his bed occupied by a girl and he wanted to see if there was a spare off he bunked up to spoon with Macca in the single bunk bed, haha!

But seriously, I appreciate for calming down my fears. Cheers!

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