Something made me chortle in the news today.

Comedy foreign accents: Are they ever a good idea?


But depending on the context! See the link below:

Often when I’m out with my friends particularly those of different foreign accents,we take the mickey out of each other constantly! Particularly my Indian friends, when they get more mad their accents come out in full force and I often respond back in their accent but put on that it sounds comedic and they get more mad haha. Then they take the piss out of my Yorkshire/Hull accent. Some examples:

I know – ‘I knaaaaaaw’

Coke – ‘Cork’ – I kid you not, when I walked into a bar and asked for a pint of coke with nothing in it (meaning no ice or lemon), the barman gave me a pint glass with nothing at all in it except for a wine cork. Amazing!

No – ‘Neeeeeeerrr!’

Water – ‘Wa’er’

But overall, taking the piss out of each other using the other’s accent for comedic values brings the friendship closer. I believe it shows awareness of the language and how it is pronounced making it easier to be understood if you do end up in that country. Hoping to be in India in the near future!

‘Allo, ‘Allo has to be one of the most amazing comedy programmes and I’m always rolling around on the floor in sitches particularly with the poilceman ‘Good Moaning!’. The French and German accents are riducled mercilessly but so were the British accents of the two pilots that hide under Grandma’s bed. Apparantly, I hear that the Germans absolutely love this programme as well and the french….well that’s another thing!

But it is important to consider who may be within earshot if you decide to put on the comedic accent as there may be senstivities and in absolutely no way attempt to put a comedic accent of that country you are in…just imagine what the Germans’ felt like in the Faulty Towers episode despite how funny it was! Also remember what context you are in, you are doing it for comedic effect and being friendly, you wouldn’t exactly march up to someone you didn’t like and started talking like them out of spite in front of them, it’s bullying.

Meanwhile, I need to get back to taking the piss out of my Indian accent in front of my Indian friends!

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