So you want to go travelling eh? Can’t wait to sample the cultures? Experiences? Delights? Anything?! And you cannot just wait but you have to wait all this time while you’re saving up?


You can sample all that from the comfort of your own home but only in the form of a taste! Let me give you my favourite examples:

ThailandThai green curries, watch the Beach, thai massages

Germany – Imported German beer

AustraliaNeighbours! (Not Home and Away!)

Latin America – Salsa Dancing

Austria – The Sound of Music!

Okay, you get the gist and you are disturbed that I list the Sound of Music as simply one of my favourite things (eh eh! See what I did there?)

But as I’ve always wanted to go to India, I immediately thought of the first thing that came to my mind when said the word India and did exactly that. No it wasn’t having a chicken tikka masala (which by the way is a TOTALLY British invention!) or watching Slumdog Millionaire, which by the way is an amazing film…I was at the edge of my seat at the end screaming at the screen!

No, I went with Bollywood dancing!

Here in Leicester, there is Action Deafness Dance Group (name to be changed soon) led by an very experienced and highly profile bollywood dancer called Nehal and she’s deaf! So am I! So are the other people in the group! Nehal founded this group in the belief that deaf people can dance particularly a complicated dance! She endured rejections from job opportunties who expressed dis-satisfaction that she could hear the music to do the dance.

Now let me tell you, that is absolutely not the case! She’s a highly remarkable dancer and my jaws constantly drops at the ease she throws herself in the dance and in super lightning speed do 1 gazillion dance moves in a 5 min song! And she thinks I can do the same! But you know what, I can! After a few months from the first lesson in which she showed us the dance and making me freeze with the awesomeness of it all, we got to perform our first performance at the biggest gathering outside of India for Divali! See our video below! Just to let you know…I don’t speak like that…well not all the time!

The Best Bollywood Dance Ever!

And doing that performance in such a culturally enriched experience has enabled me to understand and experience India more and with that taster, I cannot wait even more to travel there in the future!  Especially trying out the food! The food at the Divali Celebrations at Leicester were to die for!

I’m still doing the Bollywood dancing and we have learnt 3 dances and I’m hungry to learn more, perhaps I will be a famous bollywood dancer when I get to India! Meanwhile, I’m content to perform for the people of Leicester and dream more of India!


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