Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days but I’ve seriously been under the weather with flu and tonsillitis…I have to do things in twos!
Anyways, You will be glad to know I’m on the mend and what better way tan to travel and refresh your mind to another place?
This time I’m going back to my old haunt of Leeds for a reunion with my coursemates.

Just managed to nab someone’s reserved seat (their loss is my gain!) on the trans-Pennines express, thankfully has increased their number of carriages as i remember being pressed against the doors sometimes on my daily commute to hull.

There’s often things to smile about when you are people watching in train stations and amuse yourself with scenarios..I particularly liked this view of the statue behind the man…’it’s behind you!’

Now I’m on the train feeling like a rebel and not caring about the crumbs falling off the flapjack I’m eating, I can sit back and dream away from reading the travel magazine of the year..