Still feeling sore from being denied food 1st thing in the morning, I decided to keep my claptrap shut while I went for another explore in Birmingham and may on the off chance that I will be offered food.

But I needn’t to go far, in Victoria Square, there was a German Xmas Market! Sure enough people may roll their eyes and say its a very tourist thing to do but if the locals are eating there well so am I!

This German market was very much better than its Leeds equivalent and knowing that I only had a 45min lunch break, I quickly purveyed the stalls hoping to find a great Xmas pressie for one of the various people I will be buying for. There were a lot that attracted me whether it was chocolates, cheeses, meat, necklaces, crystals, home made toys and many more.

But with my stomach growling at me, I had to put my tum tum first and I followed my nose to the bratwurst stall…those of you knowing bratwurst are sausages!!!!
I quickly got a red sausage held in a bun like a hot dog (it’s not a hot dog, the seller insisted after I made another near fatal mistake by asking for a bratwurst hot dog) and settled on the side of the fountain to well and truly scoff it!

While I did, I did my other hobby aside from scoffing, people watching. Normally in squares like these, you would only see people rushing around to their next destination, with their coat wrapped around them and shooting irritated looks at the people who dared get in their way this creating a dark and grey outlook over the square.
But not today! It was vibrant, happening and colourful! Everyone was out in full force and creating time for each other, laughing with each other, grinning over food as ketchup or mustard drip onto their chin. As you can see in the photo, there were a lot of people!
I look around and was heartened to see a laughing elderly couple feed their toy dog little pieces of red bratwurst to its enjoyment licking lips; there’s also another couple in love hands in each others backpockets…the girl gave a scream as the boy jokingly tried to throw her into the fountain; a bookish girl sat crosslegged with a book ‘Emma’ raised in one hand and she was attempting to eat a rather large bratwurst for her size but she was still reading her book and thus missing the sausage end and her mouth would close to thin air!
All of these things happening made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and it helped there being hot people around!

I had one bite left and my eyes glanced back to the couple with the dog and smiled at the tongue lapping dog and as I popped my last bite in, the dog decided to projectile vomit over its owner. This reminded me, as I swallowed roughly and gave a grimace now that the fuzzy feeling was gone, time to go back to work…