Never a truer saying. By me!

Often enough, upon arriving at your destination, you regale stories about what happened during the journey whether it is to do with traffic, signs at the side, unfortunate experiences in service stations, the people you have encountered or perhaps your feelings throughout.

It’s the last one that I would like to share with you from my meandering journey from my parents’ home in East Yorkshire back to my stomping ground in Leicestershire.

After a great weekend filled with an awesome day in Leeds with my old coursemates (watch this space), relaxing hours at home catching up with the rents, a trip to the hospital, pintage with daddy-o and a cracking Indian meal, it was time to go home for work the next day.
Cranking up the motorcar, pleased that it passed its MOT a few days prior, off I went into the dark cold night, beams only showing the constant flickers of white markings on the road. The sky was eeirly still and stars glimmered across the black canvas shrouding the silent world and I was wrapped up in my thermals and token colourful hat…and I was BORED! Bored with a capital B!

The reason why? I had no music to help me while away the 2 hours to get back to Syston from Hull. I forgot my headphones for my iPod and the radio wasn’t working. I asked the MOT people to have a look at it but they came back to me saying it warranted more investigation.

Feeling bored, I turned on the radio hoping to hear any reception from a local radio station I may be passing through…after a few turns and pressing of buttons, the car erupted into a symphony of sounds from an electric guitar..I have music! The radio has spluttered back to life! It lives! Hooray! I pummelled my fist in the air in celebration and managed to tune the radio to a station which played soul and Motown classics.
Ah, this is the journey (i thought) as I wiggled my bum to get comfy and leant back to rest on the headrest and watched the white markings flicker past in the glowing beams.

Within an hour I could be found crooning now to soft rock as I hurled my way down the M1 and suddenly I thought, this experience is so relaxing. Often I find myself in the car usually tutting or berating other drivers for their stupidity and I have to be constantly alert for their actions. No, not this time, it’s just me and the open road. I took a deep breath of the clean fresh air from my half opened window and looked out at the sign to exit to Leicester.

I’m here.