I somewhat found myself at a loose end for an hour after arriving in Birmingham for a day long training session. Keeping to my promise that I would explore Birmingham should I have the chance, I instructed my clown feet to lead me through the mean streets.

I was glad I was wearing my thermals, it was a very brisk wind that clenched my bum on a regular basis and I looked like a sight wearing my bright jumpers and hat!

I soon found myself in Chinatown and the whole place was already wide awake..you may not see it with the restaurants being closed but with peering faces huddled in doorways to light their fags and an army of women cleaning the whole place glancing over and giving them dirty looks.
I was quite surprised Chinatown was very close to the Acardian (the supposed entertainment hub of bars and commercial restaurants) but I suppose Chinatown could feed off the popularity of the Acardian.
Trying to find an open place was no mean feat and I stumbled upon a Chinese bakery in a backstreet that still could hear the drone of the main roads. I looked through the window, salivating, at the very nice and sweet smelling foodie goodies and very tempted to buy the shop. The baker looked up and she smiled a gap toothed grin and rushed out taking my hand and offered to go inside. I didn’t need much convincing did I! I stood admiring the work and jumped when her husband (I presume) rushed out and pointed at me ‘you there, you want food?’
For the life of me what possessed me, I replied with ‘for free?’ only in a joking way of course.
‘free?! You think free?! You think you are funny man?! No free!’
I smiled and put my hands up to say I was only joking but suddenly I found myself on the street, the door shutting behind me with the bell ringing. I looked forlornly at the food only this time with a cross looking baker with a gap-toothed frown looking down at me.

I wandered away back to the training centre knowing that I lost the chance of good food in my belly. Damn.