Day 12 – 24th June 2007

Sunday! Rest Day! Red Chilli Rest Stop was just that!

Woke up quite early in the morning and I yawned like Chewie from Star Wars as I came out of my tent (dry thank god) and blinked at the sun. I had ‘Circle of Life’ on repeat in my head. Rocked up to the Bar and ordered my hearty brekafast…Eggs, Bacon and Toast with a nice Mug of Tea! Yum Yum!

Then rest of the day, I did nothing! I lazed about in the chairs looking over the scenery and read my book with a nice cool breeze wafting in the Bar. A boistourous game of Risk was happening in the corner. Also during the day, it rained and rained and rained! Would our School Hut be in a dry state when we get back?! I didn’t think like that and carried on reading the sequel to my book, now ‘Sound of Thunder!’ It was rather a lusty book and I did find myself laughing until some people asked what was so funny.

Now it was time to go back to Paraa School! We packed our small bags and jumped on the jeep to go to the Ferry across. Arriving at the school, we were very pleased to see the Hut remained Dry but Burtie decided that we needed to clean it out so off we were with our brushes and suddenly Jaimie screamed as she decided to move her mosquito net. Everyone crowded round her and she pointed her finger at the mosquito net…there was a bat that made itself comfortable in the net! It looked so snug and cute! Jaimie was rather pissed off and wanted to get rid of it! We let it go in the dusk. After the cleanout, we moved everything back but since we have been back, there was a suspicious smell of bat poo in the hut. We assumed it was from Jaimie’s bat and washed the floors but still the smell lingered.

While there was still light, I treated myself to a wet shave and I now felt much more fresh. It was hard to shave without an aid of a mirror but a water barrel in the corner of the school gave me the reflection I needed…aren’t I handsome!

That evening, we all played a quiz one of us made up and there was a lot of competition going around and we didn’t even blink when the Paraa Bats decided to keep us company outside by flying around our heads and flicking in out of the light beams and lamp lights. It was special I thought to be sharing a warm night with the bats that made their presence known since we arrived!

Bed time beckoned and as I lay my head on my arm to go to sleep…I would have had no idea what that night would bring….