Yay! My Brand New Spanking Passport has finally arrived!

But it was all different to my previous passport as I glanced through it all. Oh, I noticed AFTER I wanted to see what my picture looked like in the passport. Somehow, the Identity and Passport Service has managed to make my acceptable photo look even worse. I look like an axe murderer. Oh well, I have to have that look for another 10 years!

Now the changes:

1) There’s an electronic chip containing all your information embedded in the cover of your passport. This essentially makes your passport into an e-passport so you can swipe your passport over in automated immigration gates. I’ve yet to test this out!

2) The photo page has now been moved from the back to the front. No reason was given in the information supplied with the new passport. I’m not going to show you obviously for security reasons.

4) The feel of the passport feels sleeker and thinner. Could this be a good idea if I’m planning to travel a lot?

Overall, I’m impressed with it and I cannot wait to use it to book my 1st trip for it!

3) The page designs are different and gives a background print of various features of the world such as rivers, canals.