Day 19 – 1st July 2007

I thought I woke up late yet again but it turned out to be just before 8am. What’s wrong with my body clock?!

Once again, it’s a sunday so it’s a day of rest! I took a quick shower and hung around in the shades of the tree and watched the clouds go by in the sky. It was quite nice to have a bit of alone time while everyone else was sleeping in. I also read abit of my book in the long grass…mindful of black mambas and watched Orla and Katie come out to the communal area close to me. They still hadn’t seen me and by the time they reached within grabbing distance (I sound dodgy there), I jumped up shouting boo! They screamed and grabbed each other. It was well funny!

After the scare, I accompanied them to Paraa Lodge in the morning sun. We wanted to use the pool but you had to pay 15 US Dollars! Rip off! Really tempted tho so hung around on the side of the pool sunbathing whilst talking to Amy, Laura and Rachel about their ambitions. I also swiped Amy’s book to read and she was looking for it for ages. She clocked me with it and swiftly gave me a smack around the head. Oh dear!

After being spoiled with the fab food yesterday, we went back to the Explorers Bar and had a 4 course meal for lunch! – Welsh Rarebit, Veggie Soup, Fish Curry and Chocolate Balls! Yum…my.

We had to get back quickly to the Education Centre and we had some baboons follow us, they are absolute vicious creatures and have no respect for you another. Cannot believe they fought each other the entire time…but the reason why we had to get back quickly as Group A had to switch accommodation with us as they are now going to Paraa Primary School while Group B (me) stay on the Education centre doing some refurbishment. So….to our joy, we are now living in a sheltered structured building rather than tents yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Took my big rucksack in and propped it against my chosen bed and finally sorted it out. Violating my nose, I discovered mould growing where it has been wet from the rains inside argh! It was so nice to sleep on a mattress at last and although I could feel the wooden slats below, it was nice to stretch out.

In the evening after playing cards, we watched Aladdin on the TV! Haven’t seen that for ages. Seems like some people *cough cough, Erin and Siobhan* was obssessed with the film as they kept rewinding the song ‘A whole new world!’

Fortunately, we were distracted from the torture as we heard some noises coming from behind the buildings. A group of us went to look and peering around the corner, we saw 2 baby elephants munching on some of the bushes. Some people stepped out and cooed and ahhed in full view of the baby elephants. As they stepped out, I shushed them to come back as if there’s baby elephants there will be…..CRACK! A tree moved and a mamma elephant charged at the group and the building! All of us with our torches ran like mad and split off hiding behind buildings. Luckily, the mamma elephant was fake charging and decided to move her herd off. At a distance whilst hiding we watched the herd go. It was pretty stupid for people not to think of themselves in these situations. Some of the leaders were cross and told some people off. Tut tut!

But it certainly was an experience seeing the elephants and it was great to see them up close.

We watched the rest of Aladdin in silence and it was time for an early bed to get up very early to start refurbishing!