So what exactly have I been doing in the last few weeks other than secretly plotting world domination?

Well most of it? I’ve been a big old tightfisted Yorkshireman! With good reason…

If I want to travel, then that means moolah in my back pocket to get me going! It’s no good rocking up to the airport and with a sheepish grin, rummage around your fly infested pockets and slap down a couple of pounds, a mint, an old chewing gum and a long forgotten bus ticket on the counter and ask for a flight to the other side of the world. That’s not gonna happen.

So you need to sit down, take some horse tranquilisers, and ruthlessly cut out any unneccesary expense coming out of your bank account at the source! In my case, I was an exceptionally ruthless Yorkshireman. Subscriptions were cut without any thought; there would be no buying of new clothes or DVDs at all; stop buying gourmet food; and many more – I’ll tell you what things I have cut out in another post..I don’t have a good old bottle of wine handy by the side to numb me the pain of what I cut out yet!

But looking through the bank accounts, I was very aware how much expense my apartment was taking out. I’ve lived in my apartment for a good year and a half now, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed having my own bit of space and I could wander from room to room completely starkers. Also, I could decorate it to my liking or be as messy or clean as I like.┬áPlus I felt…RESPONSIBLE! Fair enough there were times when I felt like I could have done with someone to come home to if only to rant about my day at work for 5 mins and then have a laugh with. But I wasn’t without my friends in Leicester or in the East Midlands to go visit in the evenings. But it was my space!

Looking at my accounts, I knew my apartment was taking a hefty chunk of my salary and after much soul searching, I ultimately decided that it was time to move and downsize. Perhaps move in with someone? Who?

Perhaps Lady Luck was watching, as I hadn’t gone a full day after that decision, when one of my very good friends in Leicester told me that he’s looking for someone to rent his spare room out. To Hiten’s surprise, I jumped at the chance and told him I would very muchly love to move in soon. To my surprise, he agreed! I was really enthusiastic already as I knew we would have a great time living with each other…heck I might as well have moved there seeing as I was round his place too often! After discussing the specifics, I worked out that I will now save 45% in living costs per month. Result!!!

Thank you Hiten for putting up with me!

Swiftly afterwards, I handed in my notice for my apartment and currently going about cancelling my bills – electricity, council tax, water, tv license, Internet etc. From them, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Call Centre Experience….NOT! Seriously, they need to improve their ‘on hold’ music…the Flower Duet is not about some Lady GaGa/Beyonce ‘Telephone’?

So the Rexy Edventures Office is on the move and firmly will be established in the beginning of January with me laughing all the way to the bank!

Piggy Laughing to the bank!

Have you saved money for travelling by moving house?