Hey earthlings, I’m still alive. I’ve only been spreading joy from the Xmas tree in the last few days…

I’m sure you must be anticipating what happened next after the crazy ass mother elephant charge in Uganda but on this occasion I’m afraid I have to be completely evil and mega manically laugh and shout out ‘to be continued soon!’

If you’re disappointed, kill my friend. He doesn’t want to be named in case there’s flying monkeys sent in his way. After reading my blog in his far flung city after a good long while of my pestering of him to read it, he messaged me and said:

what the hell have you been up to in the last few weeks? I feel like I’m the doctor’s companion stranded in Uganda in 2007! Are you plotting something with your passport? You’re not invading the Earth with a bunch of cybermen this Christmas?’

After repeated abusive messages on my part that in no way he could pass off for Amy Pond (sexiest companion ever!),

I did admit that I have been plotting. And I certainly have! Big time. But again I’m going to be properly evil and NOT reveal my world domination plans (why don’t bond villains ever learn…do not reveal your plans…Bond will win if you do!) until the time is right. I hope that has left you shaken but not stirred. (cringe).

What else have I been doing in the last few weeks…well that’s what I will definitely tell you in the next few posts to come!

In other news, please don’t be alarmed if you see rexy edventures going through a metamorphosis. I’ve had a look at the site and made so many thoughts on how best to change it for the better…any comments and opinions from you are most welcome!

Muchos love.

Ed x

P.S Amy pond is well hot.