Just Gumtree it!

Another way of making money for your travel funds is of course becoming DEL BOY! Follow this plan and you’ll become millionaires this time next year!

Now as you know, I will be moving my office/dosshole/living quarters to my friend’s house. Trouble is, he’s already got everything I need there. And I’m sure he doesn’t want another sofa in the living room unless he’s thinking of opening a doctor’s surgery…

So what to do?

Just Gumtree it!

If you haven’t heard of gumtree, you haven’t LIVED man! Gumtree can be found in whispers and content sighs from students, those looking to make a quick buck and of course, budding gappers.

If you haven’t, click on the link and prepare to be amazed…www.gumtree.co.uk

Not only you could sell your furniture etc, but you can sell your services (not like that you perv) or find a place to live. If you’re really desperate, you could date off here. (I haven’t done so…yet)

It’s heavily frequented and as soon as I put up an advertisement, I usually get a response within the hour!

I’ve already sold my dining table, my dining chairs, coffee table, kettle, toaster, some kitchen utensils, DVDs, CDs, and many more. Still have that sofa tho…and the clock is still counting down argh!

It’s very quick and easy to post an advertisement and best of all? It’s FREE. All you need to do is take a quick snap of the item in question and upload to your computer. Type in a few words about it…make sure you include brand name, reliability, quality, price, willing to deliver or collect?
But best of all, explain WHY you are selling this item. I have said many times of my advertisements that I am selling to raise travel funds and I often get remarks about that from prospective buyers who ask where I’m going. That might just get them to pay the full price after ensuring their money is going to a worthy cause…just don’t tell them it’s going on local beverages!

Keeo the price reasonable. It’s second hand remember. I bought my sofa for £350 and I started to advertise at £250. There was not one bit of reply. I reduced it down to £200 and I got a query or two. But they offered lower prices. I couldn’t justify their offers of £150 and I said I would get back to them if I do decide to reduce…

But remember, keep it safe. Don’t send money over the internet to them. Meet first in a public place for collection or delivery and also ensure the money is in cash.

So follow these rules with Gumtree:




Have you heard of gumtree? If so, what do you think to it?