My philosphy is in order to save you need to spend!

Hmmm, maybe not!

After the last few posts telling you how I’ve been saving money, I want to excitedly show you my new purchase! It’s the best ever! Perhaps you are thinking that I bought a 1st class RTW ticket to visit every single country and then to the moon! Nah, I didn’t…..yet.

What it is I bought my definitive Travelsack! Yes, I have bought my nomadic house to live in and out on my travels. It is my very own Berghaus Jalen 60+10

The Berghaus Jalen 60+10

Why did I choose this?

1) It is front loading – that means you can access to all areas of the travelsack. Gone are the days when you needed to remove everything from the top in order to reach the bottom for something. Those kind of rucksacks are aptly called toploading rucksacks. I really like this feature as I can definitely remember on my Ugandan travels that I forgot to take out a damp towel out of the bottom for 2 weeks and found a hefty dose of fungi all over it. Ew!

2) It comes with a day pack – easily zipped onto the travel sack at the back. But do not use this when travelling around as it is easy for robbers and pickpocketers to swiftly unzip without you noticing. I’ll only use the zip when it is on the floor in hostels. Also, there are hooks on the shoulder straps that you can hang your daypack (see photo) and easily manageable.

3) Dual Zip Locking – The travelsack has 2 zips which can lock together using a padlock. It’s tres easy.

4) It’s weight supported at the hips – the hip straps (do them FIRST) helps the weight of the travelsack to be supported by your hips and legs rather than digging into your shoulders.

5) Thick Shoulder Strap Padding – Need need need this…I was in agony with the one I bought for Uganda.

6) Simple Chest Strap – to ensure that the weight is supported also by your chest. Especially my nice chest.. ūüėČ you don’t want to go careening backwards if it isn’t. That hasn’t happened to me yet.

7)¬†Straps Cover – There’s a cover which you can use to¬†zip up on the straps side to tidy¬†up and hide away the straps. You don’t a¬†loose strap to get caught in an airport conveyor belt and then the travel sack will travel into history!

8) Internal Frame – built into the travelsack. It helps for better storage, makes the pack slimmer, lighter and more stylish! Also, I used to get annoyed at my old rucksack as it had external frames and it was getting caught on EVERYTHING including a 3 year boy…

9) Lumbar supported back – now who wants a sweaty back? Not me…unless it’s after a good gym sesh with Amy Pond. This lumbar supported back not only allows comfy but space between the travelsack and your back to keep it cool. No more will you arrive at the hostel, undo your¬†travelsack, drop it on the floor, introduce yourselves to the hostel peeps, turn around to show a rided up t-shirt¬†with the added benefit of¬†droplets of sweat running down your red raw skin. Mmmm!

10) Pockets and Pockets! – At 1st sight there isn’t that many pockets but if you investigate you’ll see loads. So there’s room for my Amy Pond Pictures.

11) Semi Waterproof – everything won’t scream DAMP after a light drizzle.

12) It’s a good conservative style – it’s the right colour and design and although some people want their rucksacks to stand out, I think I know what is best to stand out…Me!

13) It’s a great size…for me – this travelsack is one size fits all but I’m sure for people who are on the larger size or the petite size (hint DAISY)¬†there will be other travelsacks that are better for them. I encourage you to go for a fitting first before buying. Also, I do not want to look like I have Mount Everest rising above my head so up to my head is fine. However, this means packing less…this will be a challenge.

So there you have it, that’s the amazingness of the Berghaus Jalen 60+10. I’ve yet to properly test it out…perhaps when¬†I go to Stratford Upon Avon this weekend…

I got this on sale in Blacks Outdoors Stores so it is worth shopping around to find the best deal for you. If I didn’t, I would have paid out ¬£75 more. So go me!

Hang about, I think my philosphy is correct. Mum said she would buy it for my christmas present so actually I saved money from buying on a travelsack. That’s true! I did spend to save money!

What Travelsack have you got?