Not only have I been setting up and giving you verbal diarrhea on my blog, there are other blogs which I have been actively following that to me oozed awesomeness in November 2011.

Adventurous Kate – possibly my female counterpart in the future. You have to read her antics in SE Asia particularly a shipwrecking off the island of Komodo and tubing in Vang Vieng. Her blog was the first I stumbled upon when looking for inspiration for my blog.

Around the World l – A very unique outlook on travelling by an amazing teacher and an ultra-organised Plan Go Meet Co-ordinator. Obsessed with Boston Buildings and Chinese Bathrooms. A tick in my book!

Matalelee’s Traveller Blog – a personal blog for him only to record hjis experiences but he rocked his RTW trip! When researching kiwi experience, I saw his blog pop up!

Nomadic Matt – possibly my travel blog idol…god…supreme being. Just look into his blog, he has a massive abundance of knowledge of travel on literally everything! Although my ego is bruised after I didn’t win the Alaska Trip he and gadventures were offering.

Man Vs Clock – Just starting on his world travels, his travel planning will certainly have you in stitches.

ytravelblog – a travelling family on the road. Hopefully I will get to be like them! 🙂

There have been other blogs that rocked and oozed awesomeness in December…watch this space.