So from my morning in Stratford Upon Avon, I’ve identified lots of different things to do. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to do them all but hope to do so in the near future. Here it is!

1) Take a boat trip or stroll on the side of the Avon River and Canals

2) Take in a Play at the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre. I recommend A Midsummer’s Night Dream or It’s ado about Nothing. Both my favourite plays.

3) Be quintesslely English and stop off in one of the many unique Cafes’ and have tea and a scone if you fancy!

4) Check out Shakespeare’s Birthplace for some culture and funny stories!

5) Enrol yourself on a day course of poetry and literature!

6) Take part in an open air bus tour of the city and its surrounding areas

7) Visit Anne Hathaway’s Cottage (wife of William Shakespeare) NOT to be confused with the actress!

8) Visit the Butterfly Farm!

9) and finally, take a stroll through the town centre appreciating the architecture.

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