Not only have I been planning and travelling around Britain, there are other blogs which I have been actively following that to me oozed awesomeness in December 2011.

No Place To Be – a really interesting blog chronicling the journey of a couple, Poi and Kirsty, who have been rtravelling through South East Asia and China in the last 18 months. Very good to check out for living in Bangkok, teaching English, China and Vietnam escapades.

Adventures with Dan – originally started off as Dan in Australia, this blog really gives you hilarious accounts of his adventures in Australia, Thailand and ultimately Britain. You have to check out his post about being violated in a Thai Massage..

Adventurous Kate – another appearance in the monthly travel blogs that oozed awesomeness. Her posts of her time in Jordan has really taught me about the beautiful country. Check out her posts of Petra!

Around the world L – another reappearance. She hasn’t been busy on this blog but her immense post on Shanghai’s bathrooms certainly has catapulted it into one of my all time favourite posts!