Day 20 – 2nd July 2007

Woke up after a bloody fantastic night’s sleep. Why? Because I was dreaming loads…this means you had a lot of deep sleep. Or that I was actually sleeping in a bunk rather than in a sleeping bag on the ground!

We all assigned refurbishing duties amongst us quickly in the morning after breakfast and some of us went to strip a room, what would end up as the kitchen, its old, manky plaster ready for replastering. As it was a fairly large room, this took all day.

The Kitchen

But it was a great day as many people in our group bonded again as at Paraa School we were quite split up from one another. So we talked endlessly about many things ranging from films to degrees and ambitions. I admitted that one of my ambitions was to become a Blue Peter presenter or a wildlife tv presenter like David Attenborough. It is still one of my ambitions and hopefully my travels will open me to many experiences and opportunities.

At lunchtime, I tagged along with Orla, Steve, Burtie, Rachel, Jaimie and Katie to the Lodge and they were tense and quiet on the way over. It was because it is RESULTS day! They were receiving their final year results from University. But they needn’t worried. They all scored amazing! Everyone had a sneaky beer in the bar at lunch and off we toddled back to the education centre.

But the celebrations continued after work as we all opened vodka and sodas and put on a bit of music. What a happy sight we must be when a Softpower van rocked up and deposited a new softpower recruit all the way from Sweden – Caroline! Was surprised she wasn’t blonde! Her English was very well spoken and so naturally everyone quizzed her.

After dinner, everyone piled onto the van and I was forced to hang on to the back of the van. And yet again, everyone took pictures of my crotch! More people arrived and we celebrated the results of people’s degrees at Paraa Lodge. I stayed there a while but I was so tired so I was quite quiet but I listened a lot.  Also, it was great to go to a flushable toilet rather than having to run the nasty wildlife gauntlet! As we drove back to the Education Centre (me on the roof this time), there was a massive elephant waiting for us on the road in the dark. Completely surprised us. We all kept quiet. It took a huge long look at us and sniffed us with its trunk. Would it smell me?! It ambled away after a while, and we all slowly drove off, not so rowdy this time!