Day 21 – 3rd July 2007

Didn’t want to get up this morning as I was extra, ultra comfy! But no, duty calls.

Worked all morning with Orla mixing concrete for the rooms of the kitchen block. We had a good laugh especially when we were complete novices!

At lunchtime, I went to check on my mobile phone and it was nowhere to be seen! After unpacking my day bag, I still couldn’t find it. Eaten by an elephant? Remembered that I last used it in the Paraa Lodge the evening for so would it be there?

At lunch, I went over to Paraa Lodge with Helen J as she wanted to use the internet there. Found the mobile lodged behind a cushion of a sofa and waited for Helen to finish. But it was good people watching in the entrance hall. It was pretty amusing:

1)      An American couple on honeymoon….with the BRIDE’S DAD!

2)      A complaining American

3)      An 118 118 lookalike

4)      A german who couldn’t understand anything much to the frustration of the staff

Coming back from the Lodge, a truck came past us carrying Phil, Katie and Dan with the 3000 bricks! As soon as they arrived, everyone pulled together and unloaded all the bricks by throwing them at each other. It was definite teamwork and it was certainly an hour to remember.  Pretty soon, all of us were covered in brick dust and I especially looked like I’ve been tangoed!
















In the early evening, a few of us went on a game drive. It was a really special one. Saw loads of majestic elephants, graceful giraffes, grumpy buffalos and a rare leopard! The best was when we arrived at the centre to see a herd of elephants were walking through the centre compound. Bloody amazing! Wildlife…brilliant!