Day 22 – 4th July 2007

We all woke up with a start in the very early morning…that takes a lot…we are all deep sleepers. What was it?


So work couldn’t start and didn’t do so all morning. So what to do all morning in a hut with 15 other people and it’s soaking outside. Well it’s time for….POKER!

After a quick brekkie and humming happy birthday to my dad, all of us gathering around and it was war!

A few hours later, it all came down to just me…and Phil. We stared at each other, not giving anything away and the tension in the room reached new heights. Then I was dealt a hand…I looked at them and cringed inwardly…it was a very bad hand and we were bidding very highly. What to do? Changing a few cards, the odds become more favourable but still not high. Phil changed hands a lot…was he in the same position? A few minutes passed…we presented hands. Everyone leaned in. I had 2 pairs…Phil?….2 royal pairs! DAMMIT I LOST! Phil leapt up with a roar of victory and I kicked the table in annoyance. People patted on my back in commiserations and I glared at Phil who I knew would be totally annoying for the rest of the day. Looking outside, it was still raining, so we started up another game…but I was still so annoyed that I crashed out early. Couldn’t believe I lost a catastrophic 2000 Ugandan Shillings…(66p)!

Poker Game with me and Phil

Rest of the morning was spent in my bunk reading a book as I wanted some alone time. Lunch came and the rains were still chucking it down.

Borrowed the group phone and rang my dad a very happy birthday. He was at work when I called and he was so pleased to hear from me. He asked me loads of questions about the project and Mum came on the line to interrupt and enquire after my health! Mums eh! I embellished lots of stories such as getting nearly trampled to death by elephants or nearly getting eaten by crocs and hippos. Don’t think Mum was pleased but Dad was laughing. But the international roaming charges are so expensive so I called it a day.

The rains finally stopped in the late afternoon but as it was too late to start work, the builders, some locals and our group organised together to play a game of rounders. Very boisterous shouting and it was a very close run thing but the locals won.

After dinner, we watched the best film we watched in the course of the trip…THE LION KING! It was so surreal as we were watching it in the open in the national park with wildlife all around us. The soaring crescendos of The Circle of Life really made us feel connected. It was also Charles’ son first time watching this film and he was utterly enthralled.

To my humming of Hakuna Matata, I went to bed.

Hakuna Matata!