Day 24 – 6th July 2007

Because we had to travel all day down to Jinja (a bottom aching inducing 7 hours), we had to get up extremely early at 5am and when it was just getting light, we all walked down to the ferry with our day packs for the weekend and got the ferry across the Nile. We managed to reach it in time and both Katie and I being the last ones to leave managed to catch up to the others to watch a baboon show that was taking place on the bank. By show…I mean watching a baboon pick another baboon’s bum. Oh the entertainment and grossness of it all!

Boarding the bus at Red Chilli Bar, we settled in for the bumpy 7hr journey to Kampala. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long! I managed to get a fitful nap and woke up to find someone’s feet dangling a few inches from my nose. It seems throughout the trip everyone fell asleep and everyone squirmed themselves into ‘comfy’ positions. Mine was my face squashed against the window and my legs snaking through 2 other legs on the floor and my torso bent in a 90 degrees. It was comfy!

Arriving in Kampala, we stopped off at the hypermarket, Shoprite, and stocked up for the next week and take some rest to stretch our legs. Exchanged my last $50 at the till and then…


It happened when i was washing my hands in the bathroom and I felt something at my ankle. I looked down and saw there was a big massive RAT quivering! I suddenly jumped up at the sight and a bathroom steward saw me and rushed at the rat with a broom! It flung about escaping the thwacks of the broom, some of which hit me,  and both of us following it, we saw it run into a women’s clothes shop where a customer assistant booted it out. It turned round and ran back into the bathroom to which the steward ran back in and eventually killed it. Everyone saw and laughed at the sight of me with red marks on my face where the broom hit. So I got broomed.

Came back on the bus and Phil asked what the hell I’ve been up to…I replied ‘don’t ask!’

Back on the bus, we hightailed it to Jinja and finally arrived at the Nile River Explorers campsite where we dumped our stuff and chilled out at the bar. All of us were so tired. I managed to force down a Jacket Potato and went to bed really early ready for the excitement that was gonna happen tomorrow! Cannot wait!

Sorry for the no pictures but none were taken on that day.