Part 1? You may ask.

As you know, I shall be going on my travels from end of March, so as I was considering my new year resolutions for 2012, I couldn’t help feeling that the resolutions that I thought up of was not applicable for either my stay in England or on my travels in the same year.

SO! I decided to make some resolutions for the first quarter of 2012 when I will be in England and then make some new ones relating to my travelling in March sometime.

So here are my 2012 England resolutions!

1)      Get in shape for the travels!

After the Xmas stuffing of Ed, I somehow have let myself go slightly, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a few sessions at the gym and a tightened diet!

If I’m going to be carrying round a 70L Backpack and walk, run and swim loads I need to be in proper shape. Also, looking good in the photos helps! So what can I do in this resolution?

I aim to do:

200 sit ups a day

100 press-ups a day

50 pull ups a day

All by the time I go in March 25th.

You might ask why not do them all at the gym, well I can’t afford to go to plush gyms in my travels so I will be doing these exercises in the comfort of my hostels or anywhere in parks.

2)      No drinking alcohol in England!

‘Oi! Cheater! In England? You’re gonna be out of the country for 8 months anyway!’ you may retort! I know. This purely is for 2 reasons which are:

one – financial – I need to be saving up more for the travels and alcohol is identified as one of my big expenses so having that extra money would help.

Second – I’m bored of drinking.

In 2011, I have found clubbing to be boring and would prefer to have a dinner party or go hiking with friends to be a much more pleasurable experience. So for the next 3 months, expect a sober Ed! Also, when I come back from my travels in November, I will be penniless and it would help not to buy alcohol to save my money back up for Xmas and NYE 2012.

3)      A photo a day Challenge

Inspired by Brendan Van Son of Brendan’s adventures with his post on about his 365 photo challenge, I have taken up a challenge to do an arty photo a day to symbolise my 2012 in picture. A huge part of 2012 will be spent on the other side of the world so I look forward at the end of 2012 to see the amazingness of 2012. On a weekly basis, I will post a blog post of the photos of the week or alternatively, you can follow my pictures on my facebook fan page

4)      Speak Louder

Unique and interesting I know! I already speak louder than before when I had my amazing Cochlear Implant, but still getting to grips with it. If I’m going to be travelling, I need to speak louder and more clearly (possibly in Estuary English dialect – the newsreaders use this) in order to make myself heard.

Part of my frustration in 2011 was that I was not getting heard by others. I’ll make a contribution and it was ignored by others in the conversation. It’s my fault really as I was being too quiet. So guys, cover your ears, Ed is going loud! This will help me get noticed on my travels and allow myself to meet people better as they will be in loud environments such as hostel common rooms.

5)       Themed weeks

On my travels, I will be visiting 10 countries so starting from next week, I will be doing themed weeks on each of the countries I will be visiting whether it is food, films, dress, or customs.

I will also blog about this! 

This will enable to gain a greater understood of the country when I visit it. I hate not knowing about the country when I visit and by the end of the stay you learn everything there is and you cannot put them into effect. Like a scout that I am, be prepared!

6)      Backpack around Britain!

With my new backpack, I will be road testing it when I will hopefully be visiting Edinburgh, Newcastle, the Peak District, Southampton and London!

2011 didn’t see me visit places around Britain as much as I would like so I will definitely rectify that in the next 3 months.

7)      Make my Travel Planning Go Smoothly!

I have 3 months left…12 weeks, 77 days. I need to step up with my planning and that requires Visas, Travel Insurance, Equipment, Medical stuff etc etc. I hope to have all this done before I finish my current job by 17th March. Please let it go smoothly!