Preparing to go on your travels like mine, takes a lot of planning. Particularly if you have your own place.

As you may remember, I said that I would be moving in with a good friend of mine this month, and by gum it’s a lot of work!

As I pack my stuff, I was swearing to myself, scolding myself for accumulating so much stuff that’s enough to fill one of the Queen’s Palaces. And I’m going to go travelling in a 70L Rucksack for 8 months. The feeling I had? Rock…hard place? I have TOO MUCH STUFF!

Somehow, I managed to sell some of my stuff through the wonders of Gumtree and also gave quite a lot of stuff to charity and also my parents kindly allowed me to store some of my stuff at their place…only after I said I would give them my TV. Bribery much?

So I’m left with some stuff to take to Hiten’s house. There’s still far too much particularly with a sofa and a bed thrown in. I’m still trying to sell them. Hiten being the great friend he is, calmly said it was okay, he has the space and pointed me where to put them in his house….or out of his house…the decking haha. But it’s enough that he’s having big old lanky me in his house.

So what’s there left to do? PLENTY! Should I need to break into song of ‘Bills, Bills, Bills?’ by Destiny’s Child? Yes BILLS!

I think I’d rather have my nails pulled off than trying to cancel my bills. This photo definitely shows you how I feel when I’m on the phone to them:

It’s so frustrating! Only thing that’s gettng me through this is thinking of my 2012 travel plans and my comprehensive Bucket List. So, what Bills have I had to cancel?

1) Rent

2) Electricity/Gas

3) Water

4) Council Tax

5) House Insurance

6) Lovefilm

7) Grounds Maintenance

8) BT/Internet

9) TV License

and many more.

Of course, all had to go wrong. As I said I would be moving out early January, this what happened:

1) BT disconnected my Internet and Telephone on 21st december and yet charged me for another month. I’m now typing this in a Starbucks…expensive tea but free wifi.

2) Council tax – unable to get in touch and the one time I did get in touch after hanging onto the telephone for 20 mins, the reception started to play up and I couldn’t hear.

3)  Electricity – I need to provide them with 5 meter details and I can only find 4.

4) Lovefilm – very sly people by offering me more deals to keep me on. Still trying to cancel.

5) Water – even as I work for that water company, it’s really hard to get in touch!

Of course, these companies do not want to lose you as their customer and try everything to keep you on even if its hiding the relevant number or email address in some obscure page. But they should know that an easy process of cancelling would make a very good impression on me and maybe make me join back up with them on my return from my travels.

I’m moving out in a couple of days and I still haven’t got all my bills cancelled. I feel like saying to the companies:

‘I’m a backpacker, get me out of here!!!’