A momentous moment in the journey of travel planning was made today!

I handed in my notice for my job!

So from effect, I will be finishing a week before I go travelling after a gruelling 2 months of audits and Data Returns. But those toiling is hampered by my growing enthusiasm and excitement for the year ahead! I cannot wait!

But I certainly have a mixture of feelings about handing in my notice. These feelings came and went throughout the course of today when I tried to catch my line manager at the right time to break the news to him. All of us were busy throughout the day and an overrun meeting didn’t help things. When it looked like I wouldn’t find the right time at the end of the day, I went up to him and asked for a private word to which I handed over my notice and explained my reasons why.

He took it rather well, I am pleased to say and enquired where I would be travelling. I said I would be more than happy to train my replacement and told him my travel plans.

After shaking hands, I went off home and sold my bed (finally!) and settling down with a cup of tea, I thought about my feelings about handing in my notice. and what better to break it down in the word of TRAVEL:

T for Trepidation. (ooooh! big word, aren’t I clever!) I was feeling what could happen when I hand in my notice. So it was daunting but I’m glad I did it.

R for Relief. I hated keeping this a secret from work for the last few weeks and finally I can talk about it. Maybe not too much…I don;t want to make my workmates jealous when I talk about laying on the beach in Thailand and they’re in the office staring out at the rainy weather. 😛

A for Amazing! I feel absolutely great after this. And now travelling has just got more realistic!

V for Very Nervous! I was very nervous by the end of the day in handing in my notice. I’d rather it was in the morning when I was feeling rather laid back about  it but not finding the right time, I became increasingly nervous…but I needn’t worried. But I am nervous still but about my travels. Will I be okay?

E for Excitement. This is it! So everyone knows! I can be excited 24/7 all the time about travelling and enthuse on a constant basis woo woo!

L for  Loss. I’ve made some fantastic friends at work and they have been a constant presence in my life that seen me through many things. I’d like to thank them for their patience in listening to my absolutely awful jokes and putting up with my randomness! Missing you already guys!

It was certainly a mixture of feelings.

What were your feelings when you handed in your notice at work to go travelling?