Yes, welcome to a new series of Travel Talk Wednesday Wonders!

The series is inspired by a huge travel community that meets together online through Twitter to talk about…you guessed it, TRAVEL!

This meeting is called Travel Talk on Twitter or by using the hashtag #TTOT. If you ever want to ask anyone about their opinion on your travel plans or even get involved in the brilliant world of travel blogging then this is the place to go!

Every Wednesday when I can, I will be posting a post about the previous evening’s #TTOT’s topic. The post can either be about an experience I’ve had, an event or an item…who knows? That’s #TTOT for you!

But I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads and muttering ‘#TTOT….huh?!’

Have no fear, this Wednesday Wonder post will explain to you what TTOT is actually all about!

So how did this ‘tweetup’ come about?

Melvin, the founder of Traveldudes, started this up so the travel community could run the #TTOT events in a social way rather than by sponsors or companies that dictate the questions as evident other tweetups.

So how is TTOT run by the community?

Well, travel twitterers can each submit their topic choice through the #TTOT facebook page. Only one topic gets chosen by the co-hosts of #TTOT to be discussed for that week. For example, this week was about Camping. Also, once the topic is chosen, the participants can put forward also on the facebook page, questions that should be asked on #TTOT. Only 5 questions are chosen to be asked.

So what happens in #TTOT?

Every Tuesday, at either 9am GMT and 9pm GMT (to give chance for the whole world to input into #TTOT), the co-hosts kicks off the weekly topic with the first question starting with the hashtag #TTOT. The travel community is logged in to answer these questions and also see other people’s answers. You may glean lots of ideas, laugh or get grossed out at experiences, banter with other twitterers and many more. It’s a very successful event that happens weekly.

So #TTOT only lasts one hour where every chosen question is asked every 10 mins in that hour?

No! That hour is a #TTOT event. #TTOT is constantly on every second of every minute of every hour or every day of every week of every month of every year…you get the picture. The Travel Community never sleeps. So if you want to get involved just send a tweet with the hashtag #TTOT and you will be automatically involved. Just check it out.

So how can I get involved in #TTOT?

If you haven’t got a twitter account, get one! After you have set up your profile, search in for #TTOT and it should automatically come up. And also get involved in the #TTOT events every Tuesday at 9am GMT and 9pm GMT. Looking forward to be seeing you there!

So hopefully that gives you an overview of what #TTOT is all about but you really need to experience it on the event. It’s an experience!

Have you been involved in #TTOT?