Picture the scene.

We’re in a caravan, me and about 10 mates, in Tenby, Wales, having a great laugh playing twister. A few drinks have been drunk, everyone’s shoulders are shaking from laughing at the squirty cream being sprayed around until Dan turns round to Andy. Dan is sitting down and Andy is standing beside him.

Dan: ‘Oi, Andy! What is the capital of India?’

Andy postures….hand stroking his chin…eyes looking up deep in thought…

Dan gives us all a cheeky glance.


Dan has just punched Andy in the nuts!

‘BANGKOK!’ he cried as he did.

As Andy bent over groaning through gritted teeth, he immediately slapped Dan one!

Everyone rolled round laughing at the scene that has happened. For 2 reasons:

One? The fact that Andy got hit in the nuts!

Two? That Andy got hit in the nuts in answer to the wrong question!

Yes, Dan got it wrong! The capital of India is actually in fact New Delhi!

But what Dan was meant to be asking is ‘What is the capital of Thailand?’ ‘BANG KOK!’

If you still don’t understand the funniness then shame on you…‘BANG…COCK!’

Poor Dan, at least he knows now that Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.

Poor Andy, just…..Poor Andy!!!