Carrying on the Thailand Theme Week, I want to tell you where I want to go in Thailand 🙂

1. Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta I hear has not been touristy overdeveloped like Koh Phi Phi or what Koh Ngan Pha and Koh Samui will be turning into. Areas of just drinking, hotels cramming for space and an overwhelmed sewage system.

Therefore, Koh Lanta is the best place to go for that beach paradise, beautiful shimmering blue seas and so much relaxation. It can be found off the west coast of Thailand and it will be immediately my first port of call when I arrive there. Just check out the pictures. Gorgeous!

It is got back on its feet after the 2004 tsunami disaster fairly quickly thanks to the high levels of swedish tourism there. This means beautiful blonde women to chat up when I’m there (it’s what I’m going there for really….:P )

When I get there, it will be at the end of the hot season and I’d better soak them rays before the rainy seasons hits the west coast! And also take in the beautiful views of the beaches especially with longtail boats resting on the shores. I’m dreaming this already!

So what could I do there? I plan to relax and plenty of it! Mingle with the locals in their fishing and gypsy communities, chill out on the beaches, grab one of those luxury thai massages, visit the Koh Lanta National Park and check out the caves that dot the islands. There’s loads of things to do there!

So hopefully I’ll have a Rexy Edventure motorbiking around the island, stopping off the villages to grab thai food to reach the caves on a beach to relax on…al this with a gorgeous swedish woman holding on to my waist as I ride there. 🙂

2. Bangkok

Right, have you had your giggle? Did you read the post about that time in the Caravan? – Bang…KOK!

Ah, Bangkok, to get a good representation of Bangkok, I believe you need to watch the Hangover Part 2. Hilarious!

This place will be the first place I will visit on my travels and I cannot wait to visit it! I don’t know what to expect!

But there is a lot of things to do in Bangkok whether it is seeing Wat Prakeaw (which enshrines the Emerald Buddha), the Grand Palace, the Chinatown, The Flating Markets, Wat Pho (the old Town), BackPacker Central at Khao San Road and many more!!

So I’ll be touching down here at the end of March, heading over to Khao San Road to stay at a hostel and sightsee to my heart’s delight!

So I’ll be hoping to have a Rexy Edventure here…maybe not quite like the Hangover Part Two!



3. Chiang Mai

This increasingly modern city in the north of Thailand is becoming very prominent on the backpacker path. Many backpackers come here to learn about the arts of Thai Cooking or even Thai Massages! It is also hiking central as it has the jungle at its doorstep and often run tours around.

There is a Tiger Kingdom as well where you get to go into the Tiger enclosure and guess what…even pet them. A full grown tiger!

I am also hoping to see many travel bloggers there as it seems to have become the unofficial capital of travel blogs there! So a few cheeky Thai beers and a good catch up and getting advice sounds great to me!

So my rexy edventure hopefully will involve cuddling a tiger cub and exploring the jungle and facing up to the Thai Wildlife! (Aunty Judy, if you are reading this…I’ll be fine!…Honest…)

4. Koh Pha Ngan

Now, yes I am going to be a sheep and follow the backpackers to this island found off the East Coast of Thailand. At the end of my first stay, I have planned with a fellow backpacker to visit this island as it is well known for their FULL MOON PARTIES!

It is a must do destination for first time backpackers and you get to party…on a beach…with bonfire….ultraviolent paint….raving music…and cheap drinks. Sounds like a good night to be had!

Also, the rest of the beach is fantastic and this group of islands along with Koh Samui gives you beautiful features of the Thailand seas.

Unfortunately, both islands are about to be overwhelmed by overcrowding of hotels etc so at this time it will be the last chance anybody can get to view the islands in their natural habitats.

So my Rexy Edventure shall hopefully see me raving it up to the Full Moon makign great friends with so many different people there from every single corner of the world! Party Hard!

If you have been to any of these places, what’s your one adventure there?