Okay, had a good chortle at the travel fail made in a caravan in Tenby, Wales? Bang-KOK! Ha-ha!

Well that weekend had another travel fail! Oh yes!

This is the scene:

Andy, Pope (we call him that because he’s called Jean Paul) and I were crammed in the back of a car. Hiten is driving and Alex is in the front seat.
The last 2 hours have been dull, staring out at lines of traffic after traffic as we bombarded down the motorways heading to Tenby from Leicester. Our enthusiasm to spend a long weekend on a beach in a caravan was mildly dampened by the monotony.

‘We’re coming to the Welsh border!’ Hiten cried out. All 3 of us cheered flatly in the back.

Hiten glanced at us in the rear-view mirror and probably thought he needed to cheer us up. He got talking to Alex beside him.

One by one, we in the back, tuned into the conversation and as the road sign flew past us saying there is only a few miles to Wales, Hiten suddenly asked Alex if he got his passport with him and gave us all a cheeky wink in the mirror.

Alex looked at him blankly and said ‘what do you mean a passport?’

Hiten replied that you needed a passport to cross into Wales. Now, it was Alex’s first time in Wales and only my second time in Wales and this was about to come down.

Alex laughed and in disbelief said ‘whatever’ despite Hiten’s protests that you did need a passport as there will be border control coming up.

By sheer luck, Pope had his passport on his person and reached round behind Alex and waved his passport in front of him ‘here’s my passport!’

Alex stopped and turned round to look at us. How we kept straight faces, we do not know. Alex looked at Hiten again and he kept a straight face again. Meanwhile, the Welsh border was getting nearer and nearer. He paled. And looked at us again, slowly, with panic in his eyes.

I calmly put my hands up and said ‘don’t worry Alex, as long you have ID you can get through, like I’ve got my driving license!’ I brought mine out and Andy brought his out.

Alex spluttered, ‘But I don’t have either a passport or a driving license on me!’

Hiten groaned saying we got a lot of explaining to do at the border.

And that’s when all Pandemonium broke loose. Alex cried out saying that we’ll have to leave him at the side of the road and he’ll find his own way back…why didn’t anyone tell him….what is he going to do?!’

He threw his hands out and gesticulated wildly! His voice rising to panic!

All 3 of us in the back gave each other cringed looks and looked back at him saying we don’t know what to do. Oh dear!

Then the Welsh border sign passed us and no border control in sight. All 4 of us looked at Alex in silence with expectation hanging in the air and saw the dawn of realisation come upon him. He turned calmly to us with steely eyes and saw our grins growing…

Oh, how he raged at us!

Oh, how we laughed!

So Alex now knows that there is NO border control between England and Wales!

But don’t worry, he got his own back on us over the next couple of years…