Well! Would you Adam and Eve it!

Today is the 25th January, and I LEAVE on 25th March. So that means ta-dah! 2 months to go before I depart for sunny shores! Woo woo!

Imagine me when I jumped up to land with jazz hands going ta-dah, you may be forgiven to look at my face and see a dazed expression on my face with eyes looking like they are caught in headlights and a fake smile plastered across my face.

Of course, I’m tres excited that I will be travelling but I’m very daunted how much more preparation I need to make.
Come on Ed, snap yourself out of it *clicks fingers in front of my face*

I’ve already done lots of prep such as:



Australian Visa

Other Visas – except for American one which I’ll be doing this week

Handing in my notice

Sorted my place out and bills

Contact Lenses

Backpacker Travel Insurance

New Rucksack

Kiwi Experience Bus Pass

Getting travel equipment together

But what more have I still got to do?

Get my WWOOF places sorted out

Book my first few nights in Bangkok

Set up an International account to draw money from and get my cash cards sorted out

Get a Netbook

Get a new camera

Sort out my Jabs (doing some today)

Renew my ID Card

Get a Packing List together

Make sure all my deaf related needs are kept to

Fill out Tax form

Ensure ALL of my paperwork have been put together

To get parents familiar with Skype

Get loads of Passport photos done

Selling my bloody sofa!

And loads more!

Plus I am determined to be a successful travel blogger and I’m extremely pleased how well this blog has turned out and I’m getting lots of visits into the thousands and advertisers and companies are coming to me for offers and promotions!

But to keep this going, I need to expand and develop my blog more. Those who will know me will see that I’ve been very quiet in the last month and I will continue to be quiet for the next 2 months as I work to massively expanding this blog into the blogosphere, posting on a multi-day basis to ensure the travel community knows how utterly serious I am.

However, as I travel, I will not be quiet. I will not be posting on a multi-daily basis. I’m there to see the world through my wanderlusting eyes. Not through a computer screen.

So with all this in mind, expect plenty more advice, tips, travel experiences and many more throughout the next 2 months.

So in a sense I am hyperventilating but as long I go through this feeling of enternal dauntment (it’s a word) today, I’ll know by the end, I’ll clap my hands and get cracking on with it.

Also, I aim to save as much money as possible in February even with a trip to the Peak District and a possible trip to Edinburgh. This involves me being tighter than a Yorkshireman asking for that penny change from a pound buying a 99p ice cream. Beware!

So I will be hereby declaring that February will be henceforth known to me as ‘The February Thrift!’ In a new series, I will show you how I will conserve and preserve my funds throughout the month. And the only true expenditure will be on travel prep!

Also, I will dedicate a page on this blog to be my ‘to-do list’ as I’m forever writing out lists and then either forgetting about them due to Amy Pond coming on screen or losing the list to the dark bowels of my man bag. This way, I can keep up what I should be doing. I’m counting on you guys to motivate me.
Don’t let me say ‘oh, it’ll be fine, I’ll do it later.’ That’s the lazy bum talking. It’s masking my other ultra-organised persona, which is screaming out loud and yep, I ignore it.

‘Ah well, it’ll be fine. I’ll listen to him later.’