I really want to share with you the origins of Australia Day but without sounding like a boring old fart. So I thought I’d put a modern twist on things…

Going with the tune I had in my head today, I am making this into a rap! Anyone who guesses which tune should pat themselves on the back and try to sing along. It’s not that hard…Ready? Let’s go learn some history man!

Now this is a story all about how
Australia got founded in 1788
And I liked to take a minute just sit right there
And tell you how Oz became to be called Down Under, where?

Off east Australia, James Cook surveyed
In 1770, an explorer he was made,
Sending out, Captain Phil, in ‘88,
And landing at some b-bay with all of his mates,
When a couple of frenchies who were up to no good
Started making trouble in his neighbor-Reef
Philip got in one lil fight and they got scared
And said “You’re moving with your empire ez Australia so there”
Phil sailed, sailed and sailed north day after day,
Finding Port Jackson he named Sydney Cove, yay yay!
On 26 Jan ‘87, the British First fleet hit

Actually, yo this is bad
New South Wales didn’t proclaim til 8th Feb, mad
Is this actually Australia Day, my my?

Hmm this might be alright,
In 1808, the convicts partied all night,
On 26th Jan, every year they did get wacked,
Until 1818, 30 years later,
Everyone prepared for the Foundation Day,

Well ah it still wasn’t what we wanted, yes
There were other colonies to get with it, Victoria and South Oz
Both in 1931 and 1910 they came with us,
Starting 1935, celebrate Australia Day!

Now citizenship, parties, Big Day Outs, oh yeah,
The license to party OZ, the aboriginals there,
If anything I can say this day is rare,
But I thought, forget it we’re in Australia

We start with J Cook, and Phil finding Sydney, at ‘88
And we yelled to the frenchies “Yo homes smell ya later”
Aussies looked at their land they were partying there, when?
We finally know on Australia Day.

What did you reckon? Good enough to beat people in a rap off?

Happy Australia Day everyone!