Yes, it is possible to go ‘travelling’ in Britain but you know what? It’s fun too!

Many backpackers seem to think that travelling happens  at the other side of the world, going inter-railing in Europe, overlanding in Africa, going north/sound from one end of America to the other or even bush-walking it in Australia. Well, there’s one place place that needs to be added to that eclectic mix. Britain! Backpacking around Britain!

Let’s get one thing straight, travelling in Britain, is not only LONDON! Many a time when I have met a someone on their travels and ask me which part of London where I am from. I say I’m not from London and they are horrified to find out that I must live in some wonky draughty house in the extreme rural wilderness outside London. Well they are missing out. Because, Britain outside London is cool. Without a doubt. 100% gurantee.

Britain is a great place to travel. I should know because I’ve spent the last 25 years travelling around Britain. Heck, even when I was a year old I travelled to the far north of Scotland. Not on my own I must add, that would just look weird. But my family and I, we have travelled to the far corners of our home country and literally everywhere brings a new and fresh experience whether it is going for cottage breaks in the Yorkshire Dales, paddling in rivers and lakes in the Lake District, making our way down steep cliffs of Devon, beach holidays on the Welsh coastline, or munching on Britain’s favourite dish anywhere…fish n chips!

Yes, Britain/United Kingdom comprises of 4 countries – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. And I do urge you to visit each region. Each is massively different to the other. We even fight with each other to see who’s better! Through sport today that is, the history is all bygones.

Each region offers a variety of cheap and affordable places to stay whether they are hostels, hotels, apartments or even a good old camping site.

You can travel from one end to the other either by train, car, coach or even air. Everywhere opens a list of possibilities to visit thanks to British inventions of the rail, car and plane. Don’t argue with me!

So where could I go? And how could I travel?

1) Catch ScotRail’s Caledonian Sleeper Service running from London to Scotland stopping off at famous Scottish cities of Glasgow, Ivernness, and Edinburgh. many people reccommend coming to Edinburgh for Hogmanay, the New Year Celebrations, and living it up. If you do fancy it, book one of the Edinburgh hotels, they will fill up quickly!

2) Visit the party capital of the North of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The Geordies there will certainly make you feel especially welcome. I’d reccommend taking their metro to Tynemouth Beach.

3) Go Walking and Climbing at Mount Snowdon in Wales. Get a coach there or hire a car there and observe the natural wonders of the hills of Wales. Reaching the top will be so worth it. If you do not want to climb, they run a small train service from the bottom to near the top of the mountain.

4) Fulfil all the tourist hotspots of London. I would heartily reccommend booking yourself on a walking tour. There are many free walking tours available but be quick, they fill up fast. Through these, you will know the gory history of Britain’s capital. I’ve just been there so keep watching my blog for posts on London.

5) Jump on one of the no frills planes and Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Giant’s Causeway in Northern Island. Legend has it that mythical Irish giant, built the causeway to get to Scotland to fight with a rival giant called Benndonner. But did he? Want to know? Go find out there 🙂

6) I absolutely reccommend travelling to York, the capital of Yorkshire by train on the East Coast Line. It’s natural and architectural beauty will have your eyes popping out and there’s no greater satisfaction after reaching the top of York Minister to have a good old munch on an icecream from one of the icecream vans everywhere!

7) Travel to Cardiff. It has a castle, beautiful parks, a massive beautiful bay, and home to the Millenium Stadium where many sporting events take place. Surrounding Cardiff are a variety of places to visit including Swansea, Tenby and many Welsh towns and villages.

8) Go to the Surf Paradise of Newquay in Cornwall. Right at the south west of England, it boasts huge waves, great restaurants and bars, beaches and really in the summer, this is where the students go for their after exam celebrations!

There are plenty more to travel to in Britain to come but I cannot list them all in one post. I hope to extoll the virtues of travelling in Britain in the next month and I hope you will think of travelling in Britain when you think you might just need a holiday 🙂

Here below is a list of my favourite places to visit:

Favourite Beach Tynemouth

Favourite place to have fish n chipsHornsea in East Yorkshire

Favourite CastleEdinburgh

Favourite CityYork

Favourite mode of TransportTrain

What are your favourite places to visit in Britain?