That time of year again!

Now this has certainly been a fantastic month in regards to travel that I’m sure that you have gone through with me but I was very happy to share my experiences with my amazing travel blogger mates through the joys of twitter, facebook or many more social networks.

But here below, are fantastic travel bloggers that I think really OOZED awesomeness. If I can anything to their level of awesomeness then I’ll be mega pleased. Without much further ado, here they are!

Just Chuckin’ It – amazing stories from New Zealand, find out what he’s been up to from trying to get a part in the Hobbit, to Guerilla Camping (to which I’ve been scaring him), and his adventures with a camel…

Waegook Tom – Read about his musings on British food porn, his adjhustment back to British Life and currently he’s on his travels through Central and Eastern Europe. He’s still looking for the fabled gold thong.

Reclaiming My Future – a very personal blog about her re-discovery of herself through travels. Her amazing African adventures are a joy to read. She’s dangled her legs over the top of Victoria Falls!

25 Travels – a guy who’s on a mission to visit 25 countries before he turns 25. He’s doing really well and has 2 more countries to visit in 6 months!

Marcus Coolius – a guy WWOOFing it in New Zealand. Enjoy his experiences on farm work and also check out his daunting experience in the Abbey Caves in which he got lost…

Backpacks and Bunkbeds – this guy knows his stuff. He’s got all travel tips galore and you have to read his post on what to do in the London Underground…he will have you crying with laughter!

do you think you should be on this list? Tell me and I will read your blog and you could make it in the next one!