‘Let’s go and Paint the Town RED!’ you may shout out holding your third bottle of cheap tesco’s wine, (I add it’s not me!) and looking forward for a night out on the old streets of London.

Thing is, someone got there first. The primary colour you will see is Red! Everywhere is red! It brings London to life!

The best two examples are:

The Royal Phoneboxes, they were made red so they could be easily spotted..sounds like a good plan!

The iconic London Bus. You may think it may be related to the bloody history of London but actually it was more boring than that:

in 1907, there were fierce competition between operators in London and all used unique colours to indicate where they were going. The largest operator, General Omnibus Company decided to paint the buses red for all of its vehicles in order to stand out. When London Transport was formed in 1933, merging all of the operators, red was the dominant colour so all buses thus became red.

There! You learn something new everyday!