You’ve donned layers and layers of clothing, added a bright jumper, a silly hat, shouldered a rucksack and armed with a camera. Yes, sir or madam, you are a tourist and even worse…you have a camera. You can spot them a mile off in London. I have no qualms admitting that I did indeed dressed like a tourist during my stay there and had my camera ready and primed.

You may have read my last post on my first full day in London, but I am to tell you my second full day in London and WARNING! It’s Tourist theme!

I booked myself and Jennifer, who came for the day, on a free walking tour of London. It was absolutely brilliant but that review post didn’t show how much Jennifer and I acted like tourists. So follow our escapades as we went round the London Landmarks!

Hyde park

Make a beeline for one of the many souvenir stands dotted across London. You can buy many t-shirts such as I Heart London or get bags emblazoned with the British Flag. Jennifer dragged me off as I looked forlornkly at the British Flag hats. I wanted one!

Make a show of yourself as soon as possible. Skipping and running wildly usually works.

Big Ben

Big Ben

Get Scrunched up and pose in front of a landmark ..preferably with your head blocking the landmark. Here’s some more!

Buckingham Palace

London Eye

London Eye

But if you don’t want to share the landmark with that special someone, get in it before they realise!


 Or you can just smile sweetly as you pose in front!

Buckingham Palace

 Or do what all the Japanese seem to do…

Japanese Salute!

 Sometimes posing USING the landmarks prove hard to resist!

St James’ Palace Guard Box

St James’ Palace Guard Box

 Sometimes just general posing just works in the middle of the street stopping all pedestrian and vehicle traffic!

Doesn’t Jennifer look like a model here?!

Good View eh? Oh yeah, the London Eye is there as well…

She looks far too good in my jumper! I’d better take it off her…wait she was cold before…

 Okay, maybe it’s not all about us tourists…we are there to take pictures of famous buildings and landmarks. We excitedly show them to friends and family and they get stored on the computer for 5 years, forgotten about until they get accidently wiped…

Clarence House

Clarence House Guards

Westminister Palace

London Olympics Countdown

London Olympics Countdown…thing?

You can’t go wrong with another pic of the Queen’s Residence!

The Wheel of Fortune…yes they are making a fortune off us tourists!

River Thames

The River Thames…before Jennifer tried to push me in!

Clarence House

Clarence House

Just get in front of the Horse Guards!

2 landmarks in one! Get in!

Watch out for the Underground signs and you can get yourself round London quickly!

 So all that snapping will definitely bring you out in a sweat! So call it a day and take a pee in one of the many public toilets, grab a bite and sit back with a pint of British Beer!

Toilet Snap!

London Pride

Pint of Beer ready please!

 What are your London Tourist Snappy Tips?