Bombing down the A63 in my small car or perhaps even gazing out of the train window as we go choo choo alongside the banks of the River Humber, there’s always one view to me that makes me think…


And here it is.

Humber Bridge

The Lovely Humber Bridge!

The Humber Bridge in all of its glory spanning the River Humber Estuary.

Opened in 1981, this single span suspension bridge, this once before largest bridge in the world (now currently 5th), connects the East Riding of Yorkshire with North Lincolnshire thus replacing the ferry service between Hull and New Holland.

If you look closely at the Humber Bridge when you visit, you can see that the towers are further apart at the top than at the bottom due to the curvature of the Earth. I always think that fact to be really interesting. Heck, even the curvature of the Earth is incredibly interesting!

Yes, Hull is where I was born and bred and with this view of the bridge, I know I’m home to my family and my origins. I just cannot get over this view and everytime I go pass it, go on it or even see it at a distance, it’s always new in my eyes and it definitely has the WOW factor.

Humber Bridge…you really do know how to keep me in suspense!…

What are your views that makes you think you’re home?