It’s here! And I can’t believe it. My 100th Post!

I’m expecting a telegram from the Queen! Better smarten myself up. And try out one of these chat up lines on her…

Yes, after toiling on this blog for 3 months, I have finally reached that coveted prize of 100 posts, which means that ED REX of REXY EDVENTURES means business..TRAVEL BUSINESS! Imagine me cross armed and staring at you…here’s a pic.


Totally Unnecessary Posing At Foxton Locks, Leicestershire

But I couldn’t have done it with you guys, my amazing readers who comment, bash, abuse and moan about my blog.. ‘100 posts?! You haven’t even left the bloody country yet!’ I love you guys. Special thanks go to my fellow travel bloggers on Twitter and their travel blogs(check them out!). You’ve really given me so much advice and fantastic feedback about my blog but most of all, you’ve made me even more assured and if possible more excited about backpacking!

Reaching 100 posts, I decided to take a break for a week to concentrate on travel planning but also review the content of the blog and find out what’s sorely needed.

So in the next month before I jet off to Bangkok for the start of my 2012 Travel Plans, (YIKES!) here’s what posts you will see come your way:

1) The last week of Uganda! – You may remember that I blooged about my time in Uganda in 2007, there’s 7 days left. I’d hate to leave it hanging if I didn;t complete it. Check out my Uganda Posts!

2) DEAFNESS – Well this is sorely missing from my Blog. I’m known as a deaf guy but it’s not my defining feature or description. But I would like to tell you what my challenges could be as a deaf person backpacking solo. Watch this space for a cracking post about another deaf person’s travels around New Zealand!

3) Travel Planning – erm, what have I been doing to prepare in the last month? There’s plenty to tell! Especially with a car that broke down on me…

4) A couple of posts on the Peak District! I went there last weekend and it was a cracking place! (crackign is my adjective of the day) and I definitely paraded my hats around…plus more posing…

5) Expect some posts on Scotland! I shall be going to Edinburgh this weekend! To get there, I will be travelling amazingly on the Caledonian Sleeper Train. I’ll be reviewing their service.

6) True to my New Year Resolutions, I’ll be having 2 themed weeks before I jet off. New Zealand and America!

There you have it! Then it’ll be all about the posts from my travels afterwards. I’m so insanely excited! I’m bouncing off the walls and even that Rabies Jab Fever was totally worth it..(expect a post soon). Everyone’s heard nothing from me apart from backpacking and travelling, or vice versa and I’ve hit that stage when I just want to go NOW instead of waiting one more month…but like they say…all good things come to those who wait.

Meanwhile, enjoy what I have to say in the next month and remember guys, you complete me. Mwah.

What do you think about this Travel Blog? How can it be improved? What do you like?