That time of the month again! (apologies..)

Amidst all the joys and complaints of travel planning, these blogs that oozed awesomeness has kept my travel wanderlust alive and beating to get it through to this month, which is the month I go travelling!


It has been an amazing month in getting to know my fellow travel bloggers especially through twitter and also #TTOT (travel talk on twitter). I couldn’t have done the month of travel planning without you guys! Many Rexy love, mwah.


There’s too many travel blogs to mention but I give special credit below for the many reasons I’ll give them…

Waegook Tom – now he’s made me laugh with his quirky humour (and still on that quest for the fabled gold thong). However, he’s made me look closer to home in February as he went on a Central Europe tour of Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania. To be honest, Poland didn’t appeal to me before but Tom changed all that and from his witty writings and fantastic photos, I’m sure to include the amazing country in my European itinerary if I ever get the chance after this year. Meanwhile for you guys, unless you really want to see Euro 12, avoid going to Poland on the last 2 weeks of June, everywhere will be packed. Meanwhile, Tom has jettisoned himself out of Europe into his life in Korea. Hope everything goes well for you there!


Backpacker Becki – a new addition to the travel blogger world. And she’s a one to watch! With her helpful handy advice and tips on finances, telling your mum and dad etc to her insightful features such as the legendary ‘flag collecting‘ rules (I urge you to read this), you are sure she will be all sorted and ready to jet off on her own RTW solo trip later n this year. A Londoner with a penchant for kiwis (the male kind), she’s hoping to land herself with a Mongolian Husband when she travels out there as part of her well envious trip!


My Spanish Adventure – Will Peach has joined the ranks of the big bloggers through his amazing blog on his attempts to learn and speak Spanish in…well Spain. But follow him to find out his very unique views on Spain, learning Spanish, the way of life there and also he hosts many interesting posts from his fellow Spanish ‘lovers’ who also give their twists on Spain. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. For those who may have heard his name, yes, you have, he’s recently put me in his top 10 of travel bloggers he would go gay for..oh dear.


If you would like to now what other travel blogs I think have oozed awesomeness, please check out these posts:


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Meanwhile, do you think you should be on this list? Tell me and I will read your blog and you could make it in the next one!