I have a castle.

I wish.

It’s Edinburgh Castle but it doesn’t stop me from proclaiming it’s mine. After falling in love with Edinburgh on its walking tourand thejourney upto the capital of Scotland on theCaledonian Sleeper, I decided that maybe we should get married. After all, We share the same first 2 letters.

So where better than to enquire at Edinburgh Castle itself, standing tall overlooking the old and new towns respectively.

Ed’s Castle domineering over Edinburgh

Walking up the Royal Mile, Mike and I were uniquely aware how beautiful and historic this castle, owned by the Queen, is to the city. I mean take a look at the pics.

The Entrance


Grabbing our pre-booked tickets, thus jumping the queue (see ya later Suckers), we went straight through the Porticullis and into the Castle walls itself.


We were pleased to see a free tour just about to start upon arrival so we stuck to the guide, who spoke in a VERY thick Scottish Accent and also a racking cough. Felt really sorry for him. Again, it was absolutely freezing but the guide made it a great tour in order to forget about the cold. Full of facts and dates, he told us all about Mary Queen of Scots, the sieges, the buildings, barracks, the unique layout of the levels of the castle and many more. I’m not going into detail as I believe you should experience for yourself. Check out the photos from the tour..

The Guide


Where the Scottish Crown Jewels are kept

One level of the Castle

Here I am!

The View from the Highest Point

Shannon the Cannon!

The Grand Hall

Beautiful windows

The Queen’s Castle Keys

Perfect Place to sit!!

Admitting to the cold at the end of the tour, both Mike and I trudged to Queen Anne’s Cafe and had Tea and Scones. Yum Yum Yum!

Nom Nom Nom!

So drinking up, we rushed outside to hear Shannon the Cannon go off! This ritual happens on a daily basis at 1pm so Edinburgh can check their watches is correct. It is rather funny seeing tourists dive down to the ground upon hearing the cannon blast or the Americans running away screaming ‘Drive By!’. It’s certainly lived up to its expectations.

Shannon the Cannon!

Thus I wanted to play with a Cannon.

Come on..just get in front of me…

Definitely the cannon for me!

After a good lunchtime walk around, we were collared by one of the staff. She wanted to take a picture of us as a couple. Mike and I looked at each other, shrugged knowing this was anopther money-making scam for the Castle and posed. Don’t we look handsome. But Sorry, Mike, you’re not the one for me.

The Happy Couple

All in all, MY Castle is a great place to visit if you are a history buff and looking to see across the city and its surroundings. I ‘d recommend 2 hours here if you are planning a visit and it’s a good morning activity if you are looking to lose that Scottish Breakfast in your tummy.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to punch William Wallace on the way out, he ain’t having my castle.

William Wallace – not Mel Gibson

What did you think of the Castle?