From my tuk tuk escapades, I thought I’d show some of the pics I took from these places.

The supposed Lucky Buddha was based at Wat Thepsirin in the middle of Bangkok. There were hardly anybody there, and after taking off my coveted sized 14 feet sandals, I felt very suspicious. Why? If these sandals get stolen from the steps of the Wat, then that is it for my feet until I get to Australia? It’s really hard to get replacements in SE Asia as there’s very rarely a Thai man with size 14 feet! It was that bad that someone in the hostel complained that he couldn’t find any size 10 sandals! Argh!


But left them at the steps I did of the temple. I met this Thai man who showed me how to pray to a Buddha and also how to place your clasped hands at a certain point on your body, do it wrong and you bring bad luck to you.


I wasn’t there for too long as I was anxious about my beloved sandals and I did give a whistle of relief when I saw them still sat there.

Next stop was Wat Indharavihan where the Big Buddha was housed. This was a much peaceful and yet busier place and it was great to see people praying and offering goods to the Buddha itself.

Maybe I was much calmer because I could see my sandals in full view at all times!

I decided to light up some sticks for my family and friends and prayed how exactly it should be done. Meditation is good for the soul! And for the feet!

The place was absolutely beautiful, just check out the intricate carvings and paintings.


As I clambered back into my size 14 sandals, a Thai suddenly grabbed hold of them and wowed. He asked me if I should offer my sandals to the Big Buddha as I have big feet for Big Buddha. I just smiled and grasped a firmer hold of them and said no!


What are your experiences visiting Buddhas?