Finally taking the tuk tuk to go where I finally want! I arrived in one of Bangkok’s most famous Wats. Wat Arun. You cannot miss it on the southern bank of Mae Nam Chao Phraya (the river that goes through Bangkok) for its spires and tall buildings jut out above the Bangkok landscape making it to be one of the prominent sights around.


Toddling through the walkway to Wat Arun from the road (you can access the Wat from the river if you take a boat cruise), I pulled on my shirt. You need to look reasonably dressed and always cover your elbows and knees when visiting Wat Arun. It is a sign of respect to do this.


Paying 50 Baht (£1) for entrance, I quickly espied my way through the entrance and was immediately dumbfounded by the intricate beauty of the place.


Wat Arun is named after the Indian god of dawn, Aruna. It is so because the first light of the morning reflects off the surface of the temple with a pearly glow.




Unfortunately I wasn’t there at Dawn seeing as I slept in to recover from my jetlag, but the view enough of the Wat is enough to take your breath away. And wait til you climb to the top!






If you can get up to the top that is, many people struggled to get up and you are literally climbing in some parts. I found myself behind some American tourists screaming away and I was very tempted to make monkey noises. Ah well.

I made some videos to show you..



But the view was absolutely stunning and I did spend probably an hour just taking in the view.


The centre prang has the highest spire that houses the buddha itself. And the other spires containing plates from decommissioned Chinese colonial ships are decorated on the outside and contain smaller buddhas.


I also had a laugh checking out the statues. I think my mum may have followed me…kidding!



And I think I can’t get into heaven now, as this statue is telling me something…


Before I knew it, it was time to get going. A whole day of tuk tuk riding and Wat visiting took it out of me and yes, I needed a shower.


But Wat Arun, you certainly were the best to be left last!


Have you been to Wat Arun?