29th March 2012

After a long day of sightseeing in Bangkok seeing The Grand Palace and Wat Pho, the hot weather that reached a scorching 38 degrees centigrade forced me back to the hostel for much needed air con relief. And boy, was I glad I did.


NapPark Hostel, once a week, hold game days and today was the day they decided to give away prizes of free beer and free night stays. I’m up for that!


First off, we played limbo dancing, unfortunately I didn’t win anything but I still insist that it’s because I’m too tall! Secondly, we played musical statues which lasted aaaaaaassges! All 12 of us, we’re determined to win this and the hostel staff realised they would have a long night of it decided to play dirty tricks. First off, when we froze, they put on props on us e.g. Wigs, hats etc. or then tempted, successfully, with the promise of a free beer but not me, I want that night’s stay. I’m a Yorkshireman dammit and if I am going to get a free night I will be happy!

Then came out the paints! I got drawn all over my face, arms and legs and still I didn’t move a muscle. Now it was only 4 of us left. After a good hour and a half, the staff decided to introduce a musical chairs/statue combo to speed things up. However, I only came third after being at an awkward place to land on a chair. But I got a free beer out of it. Woo!

The pics of the winner above!

It was a great couple of hours because I got to know some of the others staying at the hostel rather well. Particularly Anna from Holland. A group of us went out for a meal near Khao San Road and I was in heaven with the chicken and Coconut Soup, with spring rolls on the side.

Halfway through our meal, there was a girl pretending to be deaf that kept giving us a card that we should give her money because she was deaf. She was very clean, well dressed and looked pretty well fed. What a rip off. I saw her on Khao San Road and she signed to me, but as I signed back to her, she had no clue what I was on about and kept giving me the sign to give her money. I brushed her off.

Daria, Anna, Matt, Catherine and I decided to go to the Skybar of Bangkok after our meal and promptly changed into ‘smart’ clothes as it is a very exclusive place. No shorts or t-shirts allowed.


Grabbing a taxi that was finally metered, 6 of us climbed in with one in the front, and 4 of us squeezed in the back and Anna lying on top of us. It was a pretty funny experience and I wonder what the British Police would have to say.


Arriving at the exclusive State Tower, we caught the lift to the 64th floor and stepped out. My mouth dropped in utter, utter, amazement. Recently, I’ve been missing that sense of wonderment but this time, it all came rushing back. I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

Out in front of us, in the open air, was the entire skyline of Bangkok at night.

The landscape of twinkling lights brought a stillness to my heart and I stepped closer to the skybar which juts out into the corner of the building in the open air, ready to take in the whole panoramic views of Bangkok.


Staring in wonderment, I just couldn’t believe it. I spent a while just staring out and Anna grinned at me in the same wonderment. Leaning over the rails, We laughed at the height. I must have been grinning the entire time I was there.

Checking out the menu, both Anna and I decided not to get a drink. Let’s just say the Yorkshireman came out of me again. It was tres tres expensive!


But just being on top of Bangkok made it worth my while. I would be coming here again…to be King of the Wooooooorld!

Check out my vid!



Have you been to the SkyBar?