I’m constantly amazed each day. Today was the size of this ass kicking Buddha. And he is biiiiiig!


As Wat Pho is just right next to the Grand Palace, we quickly walked round and there in all of its beauty was Wat Pho with a big secret inside.


Paying the standard fee and a coupon for free drinking water, we took our shoes off into a supplied bag to carry it around (thank god I’m able to have my sacred 14 foot sandals with me) and walk about the reclining Buddha.


Nothing really prepared me the sheer size of it! I mean, I’ve seen pictures and gone ‘wow that looks good! I want to see it!’ but as soon as I put my feet through the door, I was dumbstruck with awe as the Reclining Buddha feasted its eyes on me behind a pillar.


Taking time to go round, you can see the Reclining Buddha from all angles and from individual points of its length.


Man, it must have taken ages to get it all constructed and also give it such a level of detail.


As we got to its feet, it was absolutely ginormous, but I reckon I could give his feet size a run for his money…


Have you seen bigger Buddhas?