1st April 2012

Ok, I wasn’t exactly pleased after arriving on Ko Tao via Lomprayah Catermaran, that the rain was still coming down.

Grabbing a taxi to Grand Coral Resort, in which we rode on the back in the open, (blowing away the tiredness cobwebs), there was a lot of confusion with our booking. More on that later. However, after checking into our dorm, I went to go and start booking a snorkelling trip. As there was a dive shop on the premises, they were advertising one so I went ahead and booked one for the next day and sooooooo, now it’s beach time! I needed to chill out after a long journey from Bangkok.

But there wasn’t much I could do as the rain literally stopped everything so to brighten myself up, while Matt was in bed, I went to get some reading in the bar lounge of the hotel and situated right in front of the beach. I had a great view thought while the breeze wafting in smelling of fresh sea. Ahhh, the Bangkok smog in my lungs were slowly dissapping. I thought it was about time that I start reading ‘The Beach’ in which it is based in Thailand.


By midday, things became better, and it was possible to sunbathe on the beach to which I did for 10 mins. I was itching to get into the sea but didn’t want to leave my bag with my hearing aid inside. But luckily, near me there were a trio of Swiss on their holiday and I got chatting to them about the weather…of course it’s the British thing to do…and they invited me to play beach ball with them and I could leave my bag with one of them as she sunbathed. Into the clear blue sea with white sands, I played beach ball. I won. Britain wins! Homs, the Swiss guy, complained that British would win because we have beaches and they don’t. I replied, have you been to a British beach this time of year?!


By late afternoon, I decided to check out Sairee Beach and bidding farewell to the Swiss Trio, I had a look through the shops, travel agents and bars that lined the beach. Topping my supply of water from the local 7/11 I went back and bumped into Nicola, from last night, at the resort bar. We had a catch up and she told me she was enjoying her PADI diving course and would I be interested in meeting up tonight for food with her and her friend? Course I would!


It would turn out to be an enjoyable night and especially the next one!


I know I didn’t do much today but I think it was good to stop and relax. I don’t have to do everything that’s on offer. It was a good day to unwind. And also good for my bank balance!

Have you been to Ko Tao?