1st April 2012

After a pretty uneventful day of pure relaxation and frolicking in the clear blue seas of Ko Tao, I left Matt to sleep and met up with Nicola, the half English and half German girl who took undercover from the rain with me and Matt from the big before.


Taking the main road, we walked to meet up with Noi, her friend who used to work on Ko Tao before and would be able to show us the best places to go to and she didn’t disappoint!


First off, we went to a local Thai restaurant, where I ordered some vegetable spring rolls and some prawn soup. It was totally delish and would have wanted more. I think I showed that when I was scraping the bottom to get some more goodness! It wasn’t too spicy, just right enough. Both Noi and Nicola shared a grilled fish. They let me try a taste and again, the quality of food is absolutely immense!

We got to know each other well and Noi showed us around Ko Tao Sairee Beach and she literally knew everyone!! She was constantly stopping and introducing us to her friends. Unfortunately, she doesn’t work in Ko Tao and moved to live with her mum in Bangkok. But she is considering moving back again. The reason she moved back to Bangkok is because after a trip to Ko Pha Ngan and visiting the Buddha there, she had a relevation whilst praying and needed to be back home immediately. It was good as something did happen back home.


We finally ended up at The Fishbowl Bar, where we managed to snag a low table on the beach itself and the vibe was so chilled out. There were fire coming out of bottles dig into the sand in front of us and also in front of the sea ready for a fire show that would take place later on.

Managed to get some Singhas and listened to the live acoustic set. It seemed the song of Ko Tao for me was Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire! I was found to be singing it for the days to come!


We talked and chilled out some more and the fire show came on. These guys were pretty awesome. They did it for 3 hours straight. We merely watched them, drinking Singhas and Changs and then they brought out the fire rope jump, in which a long skipping rope is lit on fire. Building up the courage, I wanted to do and you know what? I did it! It’s very dangerous folks, so don’t be trying this at home! I didn’t get hurt but there were people who got singed. Nicola had a go as well, brave girl!

Then they brought out the fire limbo dancing! Yeah, I ain’t doing that, I value my pretty face too much.


By then, Nicola and I were pretty beat and after waving goodbye to Noi, we headed back to our resort along the beach. I was so glad to have brought my headlamp as it was unbelievable dark but it was certainly interesting as we stumbled over people who came for ‘privacy’ in more ways than one!


Having had a such a good night, Nicola and I said we would do this again the next night and made arrangements to meet up.


It was such a good chilled out evening and I just enjoyed being on the beach listening to the live show. Great vibes!

Have you chilled on Sairee Beach?